Little Dahlia Love

Dahlias are the most wondrous flowers. Their tubers are brownish bulges with short and dry tentacles, but their flowers brighten up every garden. This is my first dahlia season.

I digged up the tubers before winter, dried them in soft paper, wrapped them up in old newspapers and stowed them in a dark but dry corner of our cottage. In spring I did not started growing them indoors, but planted them in the garden after what we call “ice saints” in late may.

I did not expect too much, since it’s been the first time I tried to save dahlia tubers over winter. Still I do not see me as a talented gardener. However, the grumbly bulbs became the most beautiful garden sensation I experienced so far.

The smaller the best

My favourite is a tiny dahlia flower which showed only one blossom so far. It’s called Lotus Sunset and bursts from it’s yellow heart into pink petals. If I’m going to save them this winter I’m sure this tiny beauty will grow stronger and bigger next year … hopefully.

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