Mount Ushers Garden (IR)

Mount Ushers Garden is one of the last reamining gardens designed by William Robinson. It’s the most wonderful garden I visited so far.

The original wilderness

Autumn is a second spring when every leave is a flower

Albert Camus

You’ll find paradise 50 Miles south of Dublin. Hidden in the village of Ashford, Mount Ushers Garden is one of the last remaining gardens created by famous gardener and writer William Robinson. In autumn Robinsons idea of a natural garden comes into full bloom. Every leave turns into a flower.

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The idea of order in a wild garden

William Robinson (1838 – 1935) was born Irish but came to wealth and fame in Great Britain as many of his fellow contryman and countrywomen. With his idea of wild gardens he wrote against formal gardens and severe structures of the neoclassical era. Up until now Robinson is considered inventor of the english cottage garden.

The wilderness which has been created in Mount Ushers Garden feels almost biblical: Palm trees and oaks are intermingeling into green pastures of english turf as did the lion and the lamp browse in paradise.

Read more about William Robinson on the William Robinson Graveteye Charity.

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