Gärten der Welt (Berlin)

Gardens of the World: That’s probably the most poetic name for a city garden. It invites you into a world of landscape design surrounded by panel constructed house which were typical for the GDR.

Farewell to summers bloom

I love to visit gardens on a rainy autumn day. Decaying nature still presents us breathtaking colours but lets you sense the melancholy of a farewell to summers bloom. In the Gärten der Welt, which means Gardens of the World, the designed landscapes bid goodbye with red and purple leaves but still greenish pastures.

While we walked in the rain leaves droped down und flowers bent their heads. It was like watching nature’s decay into winter.

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Landscape design in traditional perfection

The logic behind the name Gardens of the World is simple: It invites you to Gardens of different cultures and regions. In the park you find a

  • Chinese garden
  • Korean garden
  • Japanese garden
  • Balinese garden
  • Oriental garden
  • Christian garden
  • Jewish garden
  • Italien rennaissance garden
  • English cottage garden
  • maze especially for children

These clichés are still beautiful. They’d been built with the most accuracy I’ve ever seen. It’s a hand made landscape, a new born world.

Every garden shows typical plants and design of it’s country of origin. To be honest I found these gardens full of stereotypes. You will never find a Japanese garden outside of Japan who lacks zen circles drawn into the gravel.

Beautiful clichés

But of cause, all these clichés are still beautiful. They’d been built with the most accuracy I’ve ever seen. Brooks, hills and slopes, walls of erratic blocks, waterfalls, green pastures and small forests have been built with the knowledge and financial help of cultural associations and embassies. It’s a hand made landscape, a new born world forced to be finished for the International Garden Show 2017. But scedule failed in parts. The Jewish Garden has been added just recently.

You can find more information about opening hours and upcoming events on the Gardens of the World Website.

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