Landesgartenschau (Wittstock)

A small show creates big impressions. Wittstock has built the Landesgartenschau 2019 to last.

the garden is planned to last. When the show closes they will remove the fences but the flowers, bushes and trees will continue to excel this quiet town.

Every landesgartenschau tries it’s best with the money they get. Some are more fortunate then others. However, many shows look similar, even their ideas differ only slightly. Wittstock decided to stay basic – and showed beautiful natural garden areas around it’s medivial citywalls.

One show, two parks and a million beauties

The afternoon sun englights flower petals und brings out the best of colours we can imagine.

They made us dream about romantic garden life

Although I know how straining my own garden work sometimes feel my heart fell into images of idyllic garden scenes which the show offered us every now and then.

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